Lovely Homemade Kinder Bars

Lovely Homemade Kinder Bars

You have no idea, nor a lot of time for preparing a dessert?  We are presenting you a delicious and easy to make homemade kinder bars, specialty that will bring smile to everyone especially the kids.


  • 45 min
  • Easy

For dark part

2 Eggs

200g Sugar

100g Chocolate

80g Butter

40g Ground hazelnuts

150g Ground biscuits

For the white part

200g Sugar

80ml Water

125g Butter

300g Powdered milk



  • Prep: 15 min
  • Cook: 30 min
  • Ready: 45 min

For the dark part: Mix the eggs and sugar, then cook them on steam. When the mixture is ready, add the butter and stir until dissolved.

Remove from the steam add and stir in the chocolate, grated hazelnut and biscuit. Stir until the mixture is merged. Pour the mixture into 18 x 25 cm mold or similar size.

For the white part: Put to boil the sugar and water. Boil for 5 minutes, then add the butter. Stir until dissolved. Pour the mixture over the powdered milk and whisk with mixer.

Pour over the dark part and straighten. If you want to add the chocolate chips, do so immediately. Cool it down in the fridge, then cut to the desired size.

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