Тhe Most Delicious Croquettes! All You Need Is Sesame, Potatoes And Vegetable Cheese
Delicious lean croquettes with potato, vegetable cheese and sesame.
Mozzarella and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms
Baked Potatoes With Cheddar, Broccoli And Cream Yogurt
Recipe full of protein and vitamin C which is delicious, as is healthy ! You can try it out in combination with lentil soup or roast chicken.
Cool Spring Salad With Fresh Mushrooms
You can eat this spring salad as a snack or dinner because it has enough protein and fiber and it is low in calories.
You Must Try This Mexican Sandwiches – Quesadillas
One of the most known from the multitude of Mexican delicacies are certainly these Mexican sandwiches. The Quesadillas are a mixture based on grated cheese, meat, onion, chili sauce, tacos and tortillas (check our recipe for homemade tortillas). Perfect for true fans of spicy Mexican food and ideal in combination with the Mexican tequila or […]

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