А Few Little Tricks In The Kitchen

А Few Little Tricks In The Kitchen

Surely You are frequently occurring a mistakes and problems while working in the kitchen. Unless you are a professional chef who knows to exploit every situation in your advantage, and probably knows all the kitchen tricks. In case you are not, these small tips can greatly help the next time:

1. You should never cook your soup on high heat, because it loses the quality.

soup-cooking(photo via debralynndadd.com)

2. Leave the bananas in the same plate with the other fruits, because they emit gases which have positive influence on the other fruits and make them  ripen faster, but also that make them rot faster.

bananaapples(photo via : mosta2bal.com)

3. The frozen meat wil defroze faster if you coat it with vinegar.

beef(photo via : crimcourts.wordpress.com)

4. If you didn’t finish the wine while the diner. freeze the remaining amount in cubes, and use them when your cooking requires wine.

emgn-ice-cubes-8(photo via : emgn.com)

5. The milk will not burn out if you previously wash out the boiling pot in cold water.


6. Before you cut or peel a hot peppers, moisten your hands with herbal ointment. It will protect your hands and prevent the bitter and hot substances of the pepper to penetrate the pores.

peeling-peppers(photo via: onceuponachef.com)

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