Real Lesson For Stylish And Smart Arrangement In 46 m2 Apartment

Real Lesson For Stylish And Smart Arrangement In 46 m2 Apartment

,, Baby, it’s cold outside! ” says the message with which this impressive interior welcomes you in this residential corner, perfectly describing everything that can be detected in it. And, really, who would like to be separated from the warmth of this home, when it is so irresistibly beautiful, pleasant and hospitable?


Mini two-bedroom apartment with modest area of ​​46 square meters, which is a real lesson for stylish and smart arrangement of small living spaces.

The credits for the comfort and the warm ambiance goes to the two fireplaces – one in the living room and one in the bedroom, the wooden floor and a selection of premium quality materials used in designing the space.

The living room and dining room are placed in an open plan that is comfortable and impeccably stylish, with fine details that are glamorous mix of gold, silver and copper shades.
The rest of the furniture is in soft, neutral tones that fit perfectly in the environment. The kitchen is small and minimalist, but modernly equipped, all in elegant white look. Can this inspire you how to design your home appearance for the next renovation ? 🙂











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